When you first arrive at Mabou.ca, you might be tempted to click immediately on "Be an organ donor," in order to decide what charity should receive your eyes once you've gouged them out after viewing the atrocious graphics. But if you weather your intial disgust, you'll discover the site uses stunted aesthetics to accurately replicate the experience of visiting a rural Nova Scotian village. On the Internet, outdated design is the best way to communicate "quaint."

Mabou.ca offers Gaelic words, on which the non-Gaelic-fluent can click randomly without having any idea where they'll be directed. This lets visitors feel magically transported to an exotic land where they don't speak the language. In addition to being a quality vacation simulator, Mabou.ca features an array of retarded beep-bloop computer GIFs.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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