Da CReW, submitted by Me. Boy howdy, this here sure is a fine mess of a site if I ever saw one! Not only do you get bitch-slapped with about five hundred alert menus full of incoherent gibberish, but you also get rewarded for clicking through all that nonsense with even more nonsense! It's a win-win situation! Of course by winning, you're actually winning the contest of losing, so in the end you're no better off from where you started.

Da CreW is a site about a ragtag group of punk kids who believe the best way to take pride in their cultural roots is to deface it such a way that all of humanity suffers. I guess kind of like the Germans did back in World War II and will again in World War IV, V, VI, and IX. Anyway, their site manages to break so many design rules that completely new design rules had to be invented just so some of these atrocious mistakes could rightfully be considered errors. Not only that, but the site is full of awful animated gif images overlapping a hideous animated gif background. But that's okay, because the animated background is of a lens flare, which thankfully isn't a prefab effect overused by the scum of the Earth!

WeLCoMe To MY WeB PaGe ToTaLLY DeDiCaTeD To eVeRY aZiaN ouT THeRe. DoN'T MaTTeR iF u oN Da eaST CoaST oR WeST CoaST. THiS PaGe iS NoT FuLLY DoNe YeT BuT iT WiLL Be SooN So C Ya NeXT TiMe. =Þ

I'm sure Asian Americans everywhere are delighted by this contribution! I'd certainly be proud to consider someone with such impeccable language skills a part of my culture! Who am I kidding? This is just one more reason why a giant comet crashing into Earth and killing us all is a good thing. The sooner the better, I say!

Yes, I do in fact welcome death if it means I won't ever have to see something this stupid again:

America's Most Wanted - Go CHeCK iF YouR oN Da LiST. You PRoBaBLe aRe FoR MuRDeR aND SHiT LiKe DaT. =Þ

I'm not a murderer yet, but I'm strongly considering it. ThAnX!!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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