Date: Monday, November 3, 2008, at 2:47 p.m.
Subject: Talk & Workshop - The Transformation of Consciousness

The Mayan Calendar

& the Transformation of Consciousness

Talk by John Homewood

Cape Town: Thursday 6nd November 2008

Johannesburg - Rivonia: Wednesday 12th November 2008

Pretoria: Thursday 13th November 2008

Johannesburg - Observatory: Friday 14th November 2008

What will be looked at?:-

· Why does a calendar spanning 16.4 billion years end in 2012?

· Is time speeding up?

· What happens on 28 October 2011?

· What happens in the 260 days leading up to this date?

· What does it mean for all of us living today???

· What tools can we use to transform chaos into calm

This topic is one that has fascinated our speaker John Homewood, of Mind Enhancement Systems who shares his amazing insights and knowledge with us.

Most ancient traditions speak of a transition in humanity at this juncture. Out ahead, across an uncharted chasm, is a land of soul and sunshine, where love, forgiveness, joy, grace, gratitude, abundance, happiness and fulfillment, and the recognition of oneness, is the ruling matrix.

What people are saying&

'Last's talk night has inspired me and touched my soul... Thank you ;)

'Thanks for your lecture on Wednesday evening. I found it very informative and useful with what is happening in my life at the moment...'

"A truly inspirational and enlightening experience. I will never look at my life the same again! Thank you so much!"

Dear John Homewood,
I appreciate your invitation to this illuminating series of speeches. I'm intrigued by your assortment of unattributed testimonials, but I'm not quite compelled enough to trek to South Africa on such short notice. However, I did visit the Brain Power site, which poses this query: "Why is it.... that some people can go from 'prison' to 'president'?" In my country, that would be a trick question, because the United States prohibits felons from voting for president, let alone assuming the office. But perhaps things will be different during the 2012 election, in which all laws of the land surely will be cast aside like so many defunct multi-billion-year-old calendars! Regardless, while I'm unable to attend your lectures, I'm optimistic that I'll be transported to "a land of soul and sunshine" if I spend enough time staring intently at the noble photograph of you with the magenta-sunset backdrop. Already, I feel as though I'm recognizing oneness like never before!

Garbage Day

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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