Butterfly Kisses - (Thanks dumb_n00b) At first glance Butterfly Kisses looks to be a kind of NAMBLA for women. We tried to feature them on Weekend Web but you have to apply for membership and surprise, surprise, registration is closed at this time. Here's how they describe themselves.

Hello and welcome to "Butterfly Kisses". This web site is about and for women who are attracted to pre-teen and adolescent girls. Our primary goal is to give women and girls a tool for expressing their feelings and their love about this controversial topic, and to get people to open their minds to ideas about romantic and erotic attraction between women and girls that our society in the past has not been able to discuss openly and rationally. We also want to provide a place where women and girls can express themselves and can learn about their love in an atmosphere where they are encouraged to feel good about themselves and their sexuality.

Come on guys, don't bullshit us. I would bet a million dollars that 99 percent of the members on this forum are men. Does anybody really believe women run this site? Give me a break. It's a bunch of role-playing dudes circlejerking each other.

You can browse their member list here (http://www.bkgirls.net/forum/memberlist.php) and check out all the really feminine sounding usernames like "dukethor", "SteveAnaco", and "joehill". I'm sure you guys are just lending your support for female little girl lovers and don't in fact want to molest little girls.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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