In these tough economic times, men struggle just to get by. It's hard to find a job, and with all these bills to pay, things can be really intimidating. But if you ask our friends over at the Spearhead forum, there's an even worse specter looming: feminism. In case you guys didn't know it, feminism means "women who want all of your money and your sperm but also want to cut your dick off." Just warning you. Thank god we've got these guys to fill us in!

Meet V3N0M1300 and Zebert! You'll be getting to know way too much about these dudes in the pages that follow.

As I walked out of The Expendables, I, too, thought "Hollywood just doesn't make movies for men anymore."

So, Baphomet, do women choose these jackbooted government thugs you mention? If so, why? This is important.

PrairieLark, your "Thugs" post seemed a little soft on women. I'm afraid I'm gonna need another genital check.

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