Clowns are, essentially, anarchists. So there is a tendency to push limits, take risks, exist and act outside the box. Rules? What rules?

If you saw hundreds of clowns congregating in real life, you'd probably be alarmed, unless you're familiar with the clown apocalypse prophesies, in which case you'd be completely petrified. Clowns gathering online might appear less threatening, but The Clown Forum can be equally traumatic, especially if you stumble upon the "great pun-off."

Really, though, despite their eater-of-worlds exteriors, clowns are just normal people sharing tips about occupational equipment ("I have my own marshmellow gun," "What clowny stuff can you make with a recycled Pringles can?") and seeking support during professional crises ("Can a person still clown from a wheelchair or are kids afraid of them?") There's also a subforum devoted to "Fools for Christ" (Clown communion -- it exists!), and one that details plans to bring Patch Adams-style joy to nursing home patients. However you feel about clowns, you'll feel a lot more so after visiting the Clown Forum. Here are some images from the site's Random Clown Picture generator to carry with you!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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