Finishing out the month's reptile theme is the most intense reptile-themed site yet! Like this week's earlier entry, Snakebusters is not about molesting or romancing reptiles at all. Which is nice. Instead, it's about holding them. Not in a tender Teddy Pendergrass manner, just in a "hey kids, here's a python" kind of way. They're really excited about it, though, because they're the only game in town that lets kids hold reptiles, not just touch them. Actually, they're really excited about pretty much everything. CLICK ON RELEVANT IMAGE!

You'd figure snake-handlers understand what constitutes a thrill, what with them holding venomous fleshtubes all day. As this seems to be the case (apparently they're the only snake-handlers whose deadly snakes won't kill you!), it's surprising that their estimation of "excitement" involves bright colors and capital letters (and pictures of people covered in snakes, but that is kind of exciting). All this flashiness just kind of takes away from the message of "here is a cool thing to do for your kids or corporate retreats (not a clown)." It also distracts visitors from processing the full range of services Snakebusters offers. I mean, you have to stare at the page a while before noticing Puppy Riding.

I should mention that SNAKEBUSTERS doesn't just cover your children in snakes, they also catch snakes and take them out of your house if that's what you need them to do, which is probably how they got their name. It's definitely a better choice than SNAKECOATERS or SNAKEPOURERS, but I was immediately disappointed when I couldn't find a ripped-off Ghostbusters logo with a snake in the middle anywhere on the site. Better luck next time, Aussies!


– Daryl "Fucking" Hall

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