In addition to glowing endorsements from individuals like KRS One, Chuck Norris and Prodigy from Mobb Deep, Ron Paul has earned the support of hundreds of grassroots political organizations. Along with support from over seven regional Tea Party covens and the Jefferson Republican Party, Ron Paul is proud to welcome endorsements from the following groups:

The Intercollegiate Ponytail Society

Independent Recumbent Bicycle Builders Club

The Society for Creative Anachronism

Wisconsin Freegans for Gun Rights

The Autistic Olympics

Moms Against Healthcare

The National Association for the Quiet Distrust of Colored People

Public Breastfeeding Freedom League

The Libertarian Alchemist's Collective

The Jeff Goldblum Memorial Endowment for Jeff Goldblum Research

The National Federation for the Privatization of Hispanics

Bloggers for Advancing Wordcounts

The Ultimate Warrior

The Bay Area Overpass Political Graffiti Club

Lesbian Daughters of the Confederacy

Daughters of the Thermal Depolymerization Revolution

Babies for a Tax-Free America

The Powers Boothe Truther Troupe

Citizens for the Criminalization of Skateboarding

The Cat Hoarder Legal Defense Fund

The David Thorpe University of Biblical Numerology

The League of Assassins

Snake Canyon Peacekeeping

Society for the Acceptance of Public Erections

The Wesley Snipes Foundation for Ill-Advised Tax Protest

The Rush Anti-Defamation League

Uncles for Open Borders

Death Row Inmates Against School Lunches

Citizens for the Advancement of Imaginary Medical Conditions

The Society of Female Sideburns

Big Game Hunters Against the Endangered Species List

The Megaphone Nuisance League

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Swamp Loggers Against Net Neutrality

Coalition to Deregulate the Age of Consent

Nevada Whoremongers Guild

Brotherhood of Lone Nut Gunmen

South Park Fans for Equivocation

The Utah White Devils Motorcycle Club

North American Man-Gold Love Association

SoCal Objectivist Boardgamers Guild

Power Bottoms for Privatized Utilities


Free Market Diaper Enthusiasts

The Fringe Militia Friendship Network

Citizens for an FDA-Free America

Linux Admins Online Romance Club & Sysop Speed Dating Society

The American Absurdist League

The Caucasian Bow Tie Bloc

Lolicon Brothers for Fansub Freedom

Friends of Dracula

The Free Dr. Moreau Movement

The Offshore Colony of Chiptune Creators and ASCII Artists

The Deadliest Gamers

Expatriate BitCoin Enthusiasts of Kuala Lampur

Flagstaff, Arizona Suicide Club

Avuncular Cranks of America

Moms for Legalized Whaling

The Oklahoma Morgellons Choir

Olympic Peninsula Bigfoot Hunters

Grandmothers Against Steampunk

West Coast Society of Erotic Hypnotists

Ghosts for Estate Tax Abolition

The Right-to-Die Mimes

Polyamorous Moms for Smaller Government

Escort Card Distributors of Las Vegas

The Fox Mulder Fanclub

Children of the Corn

Prog Drummers for Nonstandard Time Signatures

Dads & Grads Against Public Libraries

The Indoor Helmet League

Council on Untested Meats

The Max Rebo Band

Weezer Fans for Fish & Game Reform

Gangstalking Victims Anonymous

Lesser Baldwin Brothers of America

The Ayn Rand Crossdresser's Guild

The Gold Standard Cheese of the Month Club

The National League of Crackpots

Land Barons for Legalized Slavery

The Humboldt Secessionist Society

The Unashamed Public Dogfucker Alliance

Quantum Leapers for Putting Right What Once Went Wrong

Open Carry Birthday Clowns United

The American Coalition of One-Issue Stoner Parties

UFO Believers for Challenger Disaster Research

The Yosemite Valley Condo Development Group

Supporters of Newt Gingrich, Within Reason

The Tax-Free Raccoon Exchange

The Goodyear Freedom Riders of the Sky

The D-Fens Revival Church

The Private Sector Supercollider Society

The Mid Atlantic Fedora Society

The National Network of Insufferable Guys at Your Office

Arkansas Topfree BBWs

The Northern Idaho Anti-NWO Organization

The Reptilian Awareness Trust

Teapot Dome Survivors United Against the Department of the Interior

Committee for Beard Deregulation

Citizens for WWE Truth

The Ron Paul campaign would like to thank Greg Pollock, Russell Thorpe, Zack Parsons and the Late Prince of Falcons (Rest in Peace) for additional joke support.

– David Thorpe & Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Arr)

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