The Arizona-based pastry shop It's a Divine Bakery specializes in European-style baked goods and, more rewardingly for our purposes, horrendously tacky page design. The owner occasionally refers to it as "It is a Divine Bakery," either because she mixed up the name of her own business, or she forgot how to do an apostrophe. This inconsistency is probably the least glaring error on the site.

The archaic image map on the homepage features an olden-times bakery that looks like a background asset from some kid making a crappy RPG, placed next to some poorly Photoshopped animals and an outhouse. You can see the phrase "Content for New Div Tag Goes Here" superimposed on the skyline. This bodes well!

When you hover over "The Marketplace" it transforms into a tiny billboard, which totally ruins your immersion in this tranquil countryside tableau. The illusion is further shattered when you scroll to the bottom-right corner and see a selfie of the owner and her dog staring at you with a crazy, steely gaze.

Her poor graphic choices continue on the product gallery page. She picked the worst font imaginable for her header, one where the letters e, f, t, and r are virtually indistinguishable from one another. Pick up some Pft Trfats for your pup, relax with a cup of Coffrr, or maybe try their European Specialtits!

If you're looking for more information about the bakery, don't bother clicking on the link to the "About Us" page because it's broken, as is the link to their blog, which may or may not even exist. Most tragic of all is this broken link: I bet that dog has some stories to tell.

– Adam "rubber cat" Jameson (@robbercat)

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