I found this on the Internet. Enjoy it as well.Meg-Centered Family Guy Fan Fiction - If you can believe it, I don't think I've ever been to fanfiction.net - until recently. Yeah, I should probably turn in my "Making Fun of People on the Internet" Badge, but Lowtax promised to give me a clinic on fan fiction this weekend so I'll soon be back and churning out the yuks and laffos. Parts of my brain may be missing due to the reeducation, but I've been told by strangers that my head has a great amount of mass, so this will be a good thing for me.

Today's link is Family Guy fan fiction with Meg as the subject. This is not exciting in the least bit, and the poor quality of the entries says a lot about fanfiction.net's role as some sort of new, disgusting, Alexandrian Library for the Internet that we sadly cannot burn down.

Here's a sample.

[scene cuts to Meg at the mall the next day. She has brought Stewie along because she was forced to] "Come on Stewie, I need to buy a purse." "Oh what the hell! I am going to kill Lois for making me be in your presence! Huh…are you listening? [slaps Meg] What the devil are you looking at?" All of a sudden some teenage guy walked up to Meg and asked, "Are you Meg Griffin?" "Ca…can I help you?" stutters Meg. "Yes you can, my name is Scooter. You do know w who I am right…I sit all the way in the back of our history class." Meg then replies, "Oh yeah. Now I remember. Everyone used to make fun of you because of your name, but I like it. Scooter is such a…creative name." "Right. So you wanna go get some ice cream or something sometime? Actually, how about now?" "I'd love to, except I have to take Stewie home. Tomorrow I will though, how about we meet here at noon?" "Ok, then see you tomorrow." Stewie then butts in to say, "It's about god damn time woman! I mean seriously, all you women want to do is talk to guys. Now get me home and change me before I get a rash and also get sick from my own fumes because I soiled myself. Oh by the way, this is for you. [Stewie's face turns red and he craps even more in his pants.] CHANGE ME NOW!"

(Scene cuts to the Griffin house)


– Bob "BobServo" Mackey

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