Family Guy Files, submitted by Seth MacFarlane's golden voice.

It's no surprise that cartoons have overzealous fans, and one look at Family Guy Files is obvious proof of this. While on the surface, Family Guy Files appears to be just a regular fan site, taking a look at the site's reference database shows just how terribly misguided Family Guy fans are. I'll admit that I sometimes need to know what the show is referencing, and why exactly I should find it entertaining past the joy of remembering things from the 1980s, but the site's contributors seem to be so convinced of Seth MacFarlane's genius that they think every frame of the show is a reference to something. Even a conclusion jumping mat the size of 1000 football fields couldn't come up with leaps in logic such as these:

In DaBoom when the man asks Peter to join the township of New Quahog saying that pre-apocalypse he was a physician. Peter then tell his that they'll be lucky if he draws the job "doctor." This refers to the communist regime of The Soviet Union (1932-1991) that was so insular that they would do things their way even if they totally contradicted their intentions.

And this:

While Peter is trying to convince Mr. Pewterschmit to help him with Lois' problem, Mr. Pewterschmit tells Peter he will only help if Peter eats a pine cone. This possibly is a reference to the Disney cartoon movie, ICE AGE(2002), where SID THE SLOTH, voiced by Jon Liguizamo, eats a pine cone to get himself out of trouble.

And for the woefully retarded, many jokes are explained in this manner:

This is the episode where Peter HITS A DEER. When we see a flashback, we see Peter arguing with a deer (driving a car) whom he just hit, trying to convince the deer not to get the insurance company involved. This is, of course, a simple but hilarious play on words.

In the spirit of the web site, I added my own reference that can apply to any of the new episodes:

This "joke" that goes on for three minutes and has no punch line is a reference to how easy it is for anyone to get a job writing for television.

I love the 80s.

– Bob "BobServo" Mackey

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