If this symmetrical douchebag accurately conveys your glee at seeing feminine faces perched atop rock-formation pectorals, raw-meat biceps and steroidal-racehorse legs, you'll want a paid membership to Fem-Power Extreme. If you just need a few disgusting images, either for mockery purposes or because you need to eliminate all traces of your distracting sex drive, visit Fem-Power founder Tigersan's deviantArt page.

If Tigersan spent the same amount of time lifting weights as he did on these obscenely detailed 3-D renderings, he'd be just as grotesquely muscled as his abominable creations, and he could start meeting real gargantuanstresses on the bodybuilding circuit. He could be the "Thank You" guy! Online fetish "fulfillment" can be so tragically counterproductive.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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