(thanks Incoherence) - Apparently, watching women get their heads shaved is a popular fad in many Midwestern prisons. I wouldn't know. But, really, doesn't ordering videos of women getting their heads shaved completely remove the charm of hiding in your favorite salon and masturbating behind the turtle chair that little kids have to sit on? Maybe we should let the letters section of (nearly as popular as The Penthouse Forum) explain.
Dear Curly,

I have been a fan of you and April for many years. I know that you have been an advocate of the female shaven head forever. Did this start for you at an early stage of your life and if so did any abuse perpetuate it?

I have had a shaving fetish all my life (I'm a 61 year old male) and have never really been able to practice on a female (my wife) because she is not willing to shave her head.
I am very sensitive to this for her and have not pressed any of my desires on her. I do have fantasies tho, and always have wanted to be in a situation where I and my partner are both completely shaved. Have you ever experienced that desire? Do you ever run into that desire in any of your models? I have seen the tendency in your site for some of your models (Kat Surth and others) to be shaved in the full Monty. I have had this fethish since the beginning of puberty and have experienced many fantasies over the years about shaving. Do you and April think this is an abnormal thing?
I have been wrestling with this for years and cannot come up with a logical explanation. Are there therapists out there that can address this sort of thing? I have always wanted to contact one, but think that I will be looked at as some kind of oddity. Do you ever experience that? You and April keep up the good work.

Thanks, M.S.

My theory is that maybe these men find the act arousing because a woman getting her head shaved is such a rare occurence, like seeing Halley's comet or that flower that blooms every 30 years (featured in the movie version of Dennis the Menace). We just have to find someone who still performs the Jheri Curl operation in order to see if my theory is accurate.

– Bob "BobServo" Mackey

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