Given the amount of DeviantArt tips I receive in the Awful Link inbox, a submission really has to do something special (read: especially stupid) to stand out. Karinto draws grotesquely muscled anime bodybuilder ladies (*hand toggles in "so/so" gesture, denoting a fairly common level of creepiness/craziness*), but his gallery also contains this gem:

Yes, someone has actually devoted time to making fetishistic Rachel McLish fan art based on her appearance in Aces: Iron Eagle III, her lone feature film. "Iron Eagle III was noteworthy as one of the first films to cast a woman as a physically strong character," Karinto writes, daring to recognize this underappreciated movie's vital contributions to the feminist pantheon. The lone IMDB quote from Iron Eagle III -- "nice hat!" -- doesn't really work as praise for this image, unless you're using "hat" as slang for some kind of muscle, which -- you can't just coin phrases willy-nilly for your Iron Eagle III-referencing convenience! Anyway, it could pass as praise for the crown donned by Karinto's hideous version of the White Witch from the Narnia books (the little clip-art-kitten-looking lion in the corner is Aslan).

I returned to the inbox to look around for other Iron Eagle-related material, but I couldn't find any more exact matches. Still, enjoy these search-term near-misses: Extreme IRONing and a bunch of crying EAGLEs. Glory, glory, hallelujah.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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