"According to my newspaper, To Kill a Mockingbird, that classic of anti-white propaganda, has been boring school children for fifty years, with no end in sight. You can question the Bible or Aristotle but you're damned if you question that boring ugly book. Just another reminder to retake the media. That's why we started Lone Nut."

Lone Nut Comics is pretty much directly linked to The Spearhead, which we covered earlier in the week. By directly linked, I mean Lone Nut Comics references that site and they give him their stamp of approval and they're both crazy.

This strip is pretty subtle, so I'll break it down for you. Terriers have mustaches, they're guys. Poodles have bows, they're women. They're also completely irrational and love talking themselves into corners. If you've ever owned a poodle, you'll probably get it. Oh, and camels are Arabs, because they're not even people.

In this Mallard-Fillmore-but-worse world, every character is completely retarded. They're also very upfront about their ulterior motives, which doesn't seem to make much sense given that this makes them openly hostile toward terriers. Though, in all fairness, there appears to be only one terrier in Lone Nut land, and he seems to be a real asshole, which leads me to believe the rest of them were executed.

Lone Nut works hard to explain how white males are constantly persecuted: They're totally getting fucked by Islam and the gynocracy (feminists and radical Muslims are in cahoots, by the way). Also, apparently women are horrible emasculating monsters because they don't spread their legs whenever a guy gets the compulsion to fuck. Masturbation is basically a crime against men. There is actually a comic about this.

Despite only having produced a handful of strips during its first four months of existence, Lone Nut Comics has already ascended to the top tier of ridiculously right-wing echo-chamber Web comics. PRO CLICK ZONE!

– Daryl "Fucking" Hall

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