Star Trek Timeline Home Page - It's no secret that some Star Trek fans find themselves straddling the line between dedication and obsession before slipping on a copy of the Klingon to English dictionary and tumbling squarely into Trekkiehood. Even so, I was surprised and kind of impressed by the nerdy attention to detail in this 30-page timeline of the Star Trek universe that runs from 15 billion B.C. to the 31st century. As far as I can tell, each episode from every Star Trek series is accounted for.

2136 Captain Vannick begins serving in the Vulcan Space Fleet aboard the T'Mur.  (15 years before "Breaking the Ice")

Trip is seventeen years of age, which is the age that Sim, the clone of Tucker, was when he first asked T'Pol to dinner. ("Similitude")

2137 T'Pol begins her work with the Vulcan Science Directorate. (Speculation based upon "The Seventh")

2138 Charlie Tucker spends his youth working on an ocean reclamation project in the Florida Keys. At one point, he would encounter a hurricane. (Speculation of date - event taken from character back story. Hurricane mentioned in "Strange New World.")

I was about to make fun of all that stuff, but then I realized that more people will remember Sim asking T'Pol out for dinner than anything I'll accomplish in my entire life.

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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