Thursday Night Fights is pretty brutal, a phrase that in this case refers to ugly design rather than boxing savagery. The site devotes relatively little space to the pugilists, instead showcasing the "ringirls," who in turn disappear into backdrops that look like psychedelic screen savers squished on microscope slides. The archived programs break down thusly: Sponsor logos in assorted obnoxious fonts (25 percent); ring girls in Budweiser bikinis (55 percent); tiny listings of the actual competitors (20 percent). Thursday Night Fights doesn't use captions to identify the combatants featured in the scattered action photos, but I've taken a few guesses using real listed names.

Ace "Pot Smoking, Beer Drinking Country Boy" Lee vs. Will "Will-Da-Beast" Platzek. Daniel "The Kenai Bear" Rogers vs. James "The Neurotic Gerbil" Betts.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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