Come On Down To The Farm

You hear that, gays? Stop horsing around with your cocks and go hog wild like God intended!

Critics Corner:

"both god and christians are extremely unintelligent"


"i have one thing to say to these people, they need to come to my farm to see what 2 studs can do! i dont know of anybody personally that sings prejudice songs about straight people, and finally, leave God out of it, if he didn't want gay people in this world he wouldn't have put them here!"


"I am straight and I have practiced both oral and anal sex with women, including having women use a dildo on me.

It can be tricky getting things just right, but having an orgasm that lasts for 5-10 minutes is out of this world. Even if that doesn't happen it is still quite enjoyable. And since my dildos only get used on me, and I am extremely hygienic, there is no possibility of STDs."


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