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October 10, 2010. A date which will live in infamy. It was on this date, and on this year, that a cancer was born unto the world. Like many cancers, it started out small and rather harmless. However, like many cancers, it has grown into a malignancy that threatens the very life of it's host (in this case, the intertubes). "What is this cancer", you may ask?


Adult, male fanboys obsessed with a children's show aimed at preteen girls to the point that they for real have "cutesy" terms for masturbating to the (underage, horse) characters from the show. Grown men in pedoglasses cruising the aisles of toy stores, giggling with autistic glee as they wrap their greasy fingers around a plush, pink horse toy as parents and children alike look on with a mix of horror and more horror and disgust and probably even more horror. Men of legal age with no shame about harassing McDonalds wage slaves to make sure that they get their "FWUTTEWSHY AND WAINBOW DASH" toys.

In the immortal words of everyone reading this right now: "Jesus CHRIST".

In this very special edition of AwfulVision, we will be diving into the seedy underbelly of bronydom, bareback (or should I say MAREback? Ha ha! A horse pun either way! GET USED TO IT NOW IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY), where our neg asses will be pozed with more autism than you can shake a Sonichu medallion at.

Fair warning: this article may not be the most work safe article in the world. I've stayed away from the really disgusting shit like pony porn and whatever else, but there are definitely some PG-13+ images as well as videos of people discussing their masturbations habits re: My Little Pony.

Before we go any further, I am aware that some of my readers may not actually be acquainted with bronies. Even more may be familiar with the subculture, but blissfully unaware of the show it stems from. In any case, here is a chance to familiarize yourself with what these manchildren are literally jerking off to. Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present the entire series of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, conveniently buttfucked into two enormous-ass, multi-hour videos. See how far you can make it before wanting to vomit up your digestive tract! I personally made it 3 minutes before my body was wracked with nausea (a new record!) and I fucking defy any of you to beat that.

Or, y'know, just flag them for copyright infringement like I did. Trololololololol, etc. <---- the correct option

Season One

Season Tw... wait a minute, why am I even labeling these? If you watch more than 5 minutes of either one, YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM

The Unintentional Truth

"Mom: Son, go to sleep.

Me: Can't, watching My Little Pony.

Mom: Its 4:00am, Why are you watching My Little Pony?

Me: BecauseI lost control of my life."


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