Apparently a cougar mating dance, or something

Welp, as you know, I like to try to end things on a high note so here's my attempt for this week. Okay, so here's the premise: this mid-50's broad takes time out from getting her son's friends drunk on Wine Coolers and dances to random (and I do mean random!) songs.


It was honestly pretty hard to pick a video of hers to spotlight. Do I pick the "almost old enough to be ironic" Mambo #5 video? Perhaps demonstrate the oil-and-water-like effect of her "U + Ur Hand" video (to paraphrase Luke Skywalker, "If there's a masturbatory center to the universe, you're watching the video that's farthest from")? Perhaps one of her many Dee-lite videos?

Then I saw this video, and my decision was exponentially easier. For you see, this is a video of a middle aged woman dancing to the Ghost Busters theme.

We've finally reached the end of the internet. Please watch your step as you exit.

That does it for another hastily compiled AwfulVision! Big thanks to Paul, Charlie, Caleb and everyone else that sent in videos this week! Remember, it's terrible videos like these that make AwfulVision possible (it sure as hell ain't my "sense of humor" that does it, that's for sure), so if you or anyone you know has any terrible videos, send them my way! Also, join our stupid YouTube Channel or else.

Adios, jerks!

– Seth "Occupy Japan" Bailey

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