Ways that this band is better than the real Van Halen:

  • More hair on that fat singer's face than on David Lee Roth's entire head.
  • These kids probably wouldn't refer to getting a 50 year old soccer mom drunk and fucking her in the bathroom of a Days Inn a "good night".
  • Far fewer instances of faggoty karate stage moves.
  • There are more people that have seen this video (currently about 5500) than there are that still care about Van Halen.
  • The lead singer of this band would not only eat brown M&Ms, but possibly any nearby furniture that isn't bolted down.
  • This band is not entirely made up of zombies that may or may not want to eat my flesh and/or brains.

Critics Corner

"everytime those fags make a video a helpless kitten dies...i think fat guy lost about 50 pounds making this video...and if he jumps one more time he's gonna throw the whole world off it's axes"


"every post- same fag"




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