Tee-N-Tee Productions proudly presents: Raul from Accounts Receivable kicking it old school at the company Christmas party.

Yeah, bro. Fuck femiNAZIS. Vapid cunts, all of them. They should stay at home and shine my leather pants and polish my goth-as-fuck crucifixes instead of trying to make it in a MAN'S world. Next up, FUCK YOUUUUUUU SEXISTS!

Hee hee! :D My kittah thinks hims a widdle person! He is sooooooooo cuuuuute! I wuv making him look him's doing people things like eating a lollypop! :D :D :D I bought him a CUTTTIE little parachute and I'm going to take him sky diving next weekend! ^_^

I think the bigger scandal is that Fox News went to all the effort of making a friends@foxnews.com account when nobody who works at Fox News has any friends.

I have no idea what the fuck this shit is, but I think it's a lumberjack who just came in first place in a pie eating contest talking to a dork who got 3rd degree burns by sitting too close to the TV while watching the kawaii animu he imported from Glorious Nippon.

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