1. Page takes over three hours to load thanks to a shitload of large, unnecessary graphics that are supposed to show off the clan leader's "l33t Photoshop skillz".
4. Page is a shrine to clichéd animated gifs or Javascript (usually coincides with #1).
7. Page layout / color scheme burns your retinas and causes brain damage.
8. Website looks as if it were written by Jeff K.
10. Site is a tribute to embedded MIDI / sound files.

Samples From Website:

"the astral plane connects us to everywhere, including the matrix"

"we know more than you can imagine"

"what the hell is wrong with us, we have no firends?!"

Description:Oh dear god, this site makes Jeff K's site look like a work of art. The entire site has a disgusting 'Matrix Code' background making the text extremely hard on the eyes, let alone the multi-color text that looks like some sort of LSD trip. Speaking of LSD trips, the titles and pictures on this site look like they have been made on a h4x0r3d copy of Paint Shop Pro and had every single feature used upon them making them look like a pinata that has been vomited upon by small children. Of course the kid that did this has implemented a looping annoying midi in the background for your listening pleasure, which can keep you unconsious while you wait for the images to load.

Link for you to join?: Yes

– Peter Chillemi

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