We see ANAKIN’s sleeping face, his teeth clenched in obvious discomfort. He is in a
dream! But a dream of what? The camera moves ever nearer to his sweating face so we
can go in his head and find out. The scene blurs and we are transported to the


The scene is all wobbly, indicating that it is a dream. Nothing looks clear, but we
can see that Anakin is fighting a dark figure next to a ledge. Anakin’s heel
catches the edge, and we see him flail his arms and fall backward in slow motion
into some really hot looking melted red fluid. It looks like lava but it’s probably
not lava.

Anakin sits bolt upright, awakened from his dream.

Padme! I...

Anakin’s face darkens as he realizes that she’s gone. His hand moves to the side of
the bed where she would be, but he finds only the hard chassis of THREEPIO, who is
deep in slumber. Anakin lies staring at the ceiling for a moment.

Threepio... wake up. I am lonely.

Threepio stirs; we hear a whirring as his systems boot.

Wh... What? Master, I was sleeping.

Threepio, I had a terrible dream. I fell in some
melted fluid and I probably died. Who knows anymore?

Master Skywalker, you miss Obie Wan don’t you?

Silence! Leave this bed! This is not about Obie Wan!
And you shall call me Master Vader now, remember?

Forgive me Master Vader, but my motor systems are
not fully back to their functions, for I was sleeping.

We will see about that!

Anakin pushes Threepio out of the bed with his feet and he hits the floor with a
loud clank, which awakens ARTOO, who is perched on a table in the corner. His
lights blink and turn on.

Wheep whoop wheet?

Nothing. Go back to sleep.
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