If you're a student, school teacher, snow plow driver or drifter, you'll have plenty of free time during the next few months, so why not pick up some new skills? SA writer David "g0m" Dolan came up with a couple Top 10 lists; follow his advice, and you'll surely make this a summer to remember!


10 ways to be...... ANNOYING!!!1!!!1!!!!1!!!!!one!!

  • 1. Go into the butcher's shop... and ask them if they sell meat.
  • 2. Preface everything you say by saying "ooh la la!!"
  • 3. At a fancy restaurant, order a filet mignon... and ask the waiter for... ketchup!?
  • 4. Say your birthday is the 31st of February. The THIRTY FIRST of February. [Think about it!]
  • 5. oh-oh... keep reading... this list is just heating up!!
  • 6. Claim that you are required to wear a bicycle helmet at all times... as part of your "astronaut training." People will be all WTF if you do this.
  • 7. Sing a silly little song
  • 8. call in sick for work while you're already at work[??? kind of winging it at this point]

  • 10. Well, thats the end of my list. Hope you enjoyed. And hey - have a wonderful evening.


go online and look for a guide for how to do a huge prank - a prank so complex and good that it would be legendary if you pulled it off on your unlucky target. it would be a lot of work to do this prank, but with this trick you dont have to: be close to your victim and read the guide of how to perform the prank aloud, dont stop reading it no matter what. you didn't even have to do the prank to them, but they will actually still be annoyed, because you're talking to them a lot about something they aren't interested in.

scrub lover

  • preface a sentence by saying "two words:" and then say 3 words

  • saliva + little wad of paper + blowing it out a straw or hollowed out pen. that's right, spit balls... yea. like in grade school.

  • find a fat nerd guy with a neckbeard and talk to him about god and jesus and stuff like that. they will get PISSed the FUCK off and go on a militant athiest rant

  • two words: Wear. A. Fedora.

Lord Waffle Beard

  • When your item doesn't ring up correctly say " I guess its free" to the cashier

  • Make the cashier bend down to grab all your items instead of putting them on the ring out area

  • Argue with the cashier about the prices of items even though they are all ready ringing up a certain way and thats obviously the price

  • Pay with $100 for a small purchase and use up all the cashiers $20s and $10s and leave his./her till empty

  • Pay with a check

  • Add money to an purchase after the cashier has all ready put the amounts in and make them do math in their head to figure out the difference

  • Give your gabage to the cashier

  • If youre a hot girl talk about your boyfriend or to your boyfriend in front of the cashier

  • Say the cashier has a stupid mustache

  • Loudly say its" hard to find good help these days"

  • Take snapchats of the cashier

  • Purposely walk to the other cashiers instead

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