Cat Fashions posted: those ant pics are cool but all photographers are faggot liars. 'no i didnt pose dead bugs, these brainless emotionless creatures voluntarily hugged eachother in front of a fake sunset and i just happened to have my camera'


ants are little weirdos

mens rights dude

Ants are beautiful

Watch Out Smarmy

ant eggs are bigger than regular ants how the fuck does that work?

nightwheat stalker

because theres an ant in there, plus other stuff.


worker ants carry away dead ants because they don't want the body to contaminate the food source. aslo leaf cutter ants and other ants have little graveyards


rip to the dead ants

mens rights dude

Ants are small...but also strong.. makes u think

mens rights dude

to kill an ants spirit you need numerous bazookas

nightwheat stalker

Ants. Ants never changes.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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