My Beautiful Babies, submitted by Chris P. Crittaz. One of the most disturbing trends on the Internet is the DBW or "Dead Baby Website". People naturally become emotionally invested in their brewing fetuses and when they are born without a pulse these people often go a little crazy and decide to start a DBW. These sites range from simple "my poor dead babies are in heaven now with the angels and Jesus" type of site, to the more profoundly disturbing sites featuring pictures of the dead babies and a bizarre menagerie of junk purchased to fill in for the dead babies. Try to guess which category this difficult-to-read site falls into.

Your first Christmas we bought two angels to go on our tree,

Your second Christmas we bought two angel snow globes and two angel bears. Every year we will get something special because of you both.

"My mom started collecting Beanie Babies about two years after she died."

Folks, your dead babies don't give a shit about Christmas, they don't care about the stacks of crap you buy and pile around them. If they're really in heaven they're probably off enjoying how totally awesome heaven is, not trying to substitute their lives not lived with a bunch of crap they buy at a Hallmark store.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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