One of the biggest questions philosophers today ask is "Was Hitler actually good, or was he bad?" Here, we can see the posters in BYOB, Something Awful's forum for MENSA geniuses and brain surgeons, attempt to tackle this age-old question, and maybe - just maybe - succeed.

Glass Bottom Boat

he did a lot of terrible things, of which that just sucks a lot to me

Glass Bottom Boat

if hitler came into this thread and started posting right now...hoooo boy *cracks knuckles*


really glad someones' speaking truth to power in this forum, already so full of people whosay hitler is Good (he's not.)

Highly Unnecessary

hitler was bad............................ bad ass


you're treading a fine line between order and complete anarchy


Killing that many Jews only shows Hitlers dedication to sticking to a tight schedule and ensuring that the job is done efficiently. Considering the financial issues Germany was suffering at the time as well it shows his commitment to sticking to a budget and financial responsibility. I'd hire him in a heartbeat


wether or not hitler was good is probably the most hotly contested subjects of our time but honestly the "hitler was bad" side is mostly filled with sjw trolls who refuse to have open discussions about it

Piso Mojado

m. night shayamalan: okay, so here's my pitch. it's going to be a historical peice on the rise and fall of one, Adolf Hitler - an early 20th century German politician.

Hollywood exec: Well mr. shayamalan, I think I speak for everyone when i say that this Adolf character sounds fascinating, but it seems like it's missing the magic shayamalan touch. what's going to set this apart from the other original, "feel good" biopics out there, like "Steve Jobs" and more recently, "Steve Jobs"?

Shayamalan [smirking]:'s the thing...there's a twist!

[all executives heads shoot up, astonished]

shyalaman: you see Adolf Hitler is often portrayed as "Good", but in this movie I drop that premise and write him as...

execs: [giddidly leaning in, in unison] yes?

shylaman: this movie, hes...BAD!

*executives gasp, one person outright faints*

head exec: [visibly shaken, but clapping] You've done it again, Mr shylamalan, youve done it again.

Ace of Baes

Jim Carey in Liar Liar: Hitler is guhhh- guhhh - Hiter is guuuuhhhhhh- HITLER IS GUUHHHHHHHOD DAMNED BAD

Piso Mojado

*nasally* Hello, I'm Ira Glass and today on our show, three stories about one person, or more precisely, one question - Was Adolf Hitler actually really bad? Stay tuned.


nobody is really all good or all bad

Glass Bottom Boat

i disagree. an example would be hitler, who was bad

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