One of the most popular discussion spots on the SA Forums is Post Your Favorite, where, as you might expect from the name, people rant about things they hate. But when the Goons get really furious about a specific consumer product or creative property, they take their gripes to GBS and let the resident misanthropes tear it to shreds! In this case, therattle was mad as hell about fucking rod-operated sink stoppers, and he somehow turned this esoteric peeve into a gold-rated thread!


There are a few everyday designs that absolutely infuriate me because they are shit. One example is the rod-operated bathroom sink plug mechanism:

It's a good idea in theory, but the fucking things have a real propensity to malfunction. If a design cannot operate for any length of time without a good chance of it malfunctioning, then it's a bad design.

What I don't understand is why they are still so common when they break or stop working so easily and frequently. What other bad designs persist despite being rubbish? What gets your design goat?

Rob Haldorson

Kremlin Kremlin

Kremlin Kremlin

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You just gotta pedal reeeeeally fast and then jump the guardrail.

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