Ok, so has this been resolved yet? Ok, good. There is nothing for you to test. You can stop yelling.

"phoenix42" noticed the effect the Verizon commercials seem to have on people.

"scrutinizer" got it: They weren't aiming for Kennedy at all!

"sickman," OMG is that real!?

"starkravingnaked" played right into Mr. Spielberg's little trap.

"stimpygato" thinks that the Verizon d00d is really, really tiny or something. WTF guy, he can't fit in there!

"sy_kotic" had a beautiful dream...

"synreal" needs a lot of help, alright. Help with his ASS!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

"velvetelvis" ends the whole deal by transporting this guy back in time so that we never have to hear his whiny assinine voice again.

– Emily "Integral" Reigel

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