Colony collapse is a serious global problem, and I have no intention of making light of it... that's what the forums are for! Hope you all get a "buzz" out of these bee gags! Christ. Sorry. im sorry


a year and a half goes by, thousands of emails I've sent out myself go down the drain, all because Buzzfeed ignored my request to become a 24/7 bee newsletter


65,000,000 BC: Too many dinosaurs, not enough bees.

65,000,000 AD: Too many bees, not enough dinosaurs?

Only you can end the cycle... we need to balance dinosaurs and bees, we need the correct number of both.


Because of the strict leash laws in my area it makes it very difficult to be a bee owner. Every morning I spend hours getting the little guys ready for their walks and sometimes one of them gets too excited and I have to spend a few more hours trying to untangle them. But it's worth it to hear their little buzzes.

free Trapt CD

bee counting man introduces himself to you at a party. he has counted every bee. "we need more bees," he tells you. "there are so few bees i only lost count a few dozen times. that should tell you two things: that i'm old now, and we need more bees." sips whiskey. "i need more bees."


Looking out from the deck of the sailing vessel, he lifted his spyglass. Bees in every direction, buzzing off the top of a gigantic, writhing mass of bees, spreading from horizon to horizon as far as they could see. The crew held their breath waiting for the Captain's judgement.

"It's not enough. We need more bees."

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me at olive garden: uh hi i'd like just a water and could I uh get the uh unlimited bees

waitress: *gasps* h-he knows


Gently used bees, $2 each or 6 for $10. Wife just bought me a box of shiny new 2017 bees and I no longer use my old ones, all are 2015s but still in great shape, buzzers still work and all still have stîngers intact, still have original boxes and receipts, covered under warranty till 2018.

the littlest prince

I have lots of stock here but only the knees


Looking for a good home: Skittles - 1year old European Honeybee, has all shots, great with kids and loves to play and cuddle. My daughter is allergic so we are looking to rehome him. $25- adoption fee, please no wasps.

google THIS

funny prank: get 9,999 bees and number them 1-9,998 and 10,000


If you let them go and they come back on their own it was meant to bee


Lost bee - Answers to the name Reggie, let him out back last week to use the bathroom and pollinate but he never returned. He's wearing a tiny blue collar with relevant bee tags. My family is distraught, we miss our little Reggie. $100 reward if you find and return him.

social vegan

Oh Jen, Jen you twit you bought 2000 pounds of bees Jen

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