All fun and games at the Carnival's New Year Bash until the legless strong man let the sword swallower take a fat hit of some GSC & some purple urkle...bloodiest munchies yet


Kirby... need I say more, or can your imagination do the rest?


an anteater, high on pot, freaking out that it feels like the massive quantity of ants he just ate are still moving in his stomach, like did he not chew them right or did the weed mess with his digestion in a way that the ants survived he thinks he's heard that can happen if you smoke like a whole lot


superman whispering to the Krispy Kreme employee about his actual weakness

little munchkin

imagine the teletubbies from that tv show and all the crazy stuff they would do if they had the munchies from weed

i am he

anyone else notice shaggy from scooby doo seems like a pothead lol? i love it when writers hide twisted shit like that in kids cartoons for us adults to enjoy.


pac-man is constantly stuffing his face . . . pills, power pills, fruit, ghosts . . . he never doesn't have the munchies but I bet if you smoke him out he will start craving different food. something darker, richer . . . he wants what's on the other side of that glass!

stoned pac-man has the munchies for YOU, starting with those cheeto-dust-covered fingers on the arcade controls

little munchkin

a hindu monk on a hunger strike, but also hes got the munchies from weed


Morpheus holds a Cool Ranch Dorito in one hand and a Nacho Dorito in the other

Hey Whose Mule

a weed smoking centaur getting the munchies for stacks of hay.

City of Glompton

hungry hungry hippos, high on marijuana, eat all the marbles in the toy store

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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