I am absolutely certain no one reads these grey box intro paragraphs. I could type whatever I wanted in here and no one would ever know. bbfbbbbfbfbbfbf. Just typed that by mashing my keyboard. Who cares? Who's going to stop me? Anyway, this weeks thread is brought to you by little munchkin, who has some intriguing questions about the sun.

little munchkin

i think it's crazy that these university nutjobs try to tell me that global warming is dangerous and that i need to pollute less, when even with their millions of funding dollars, they still don't know what happens to the sun every night, or how it gets back to the other side of the sky

Darkman Fanpage

just gonna chalk this one up to magic, op. now if you'll excuse me i have a margarita to finish.


I'm going to suck the sun's dick and then it will tell me

little munchkin

Time between sunset and sunrise: roughly 11 hours

Width of the earth: 7,917 miles

speed the sun would have to travel to get back to the other side of the sky each night: 719 miles per hour

lol get real scientists


oh right, sure, the sun

it's not like there could be, say, a succession of identical but totally distinct suns racing across our skies

wake up, sheeple!


I watched a documentary on the sun one time and it turns out there's a baby in there!


As soon as science couldn't tell me how grandpa got my nose, I knew it was bullshit


Until Science can explain Twin Peaks to me, fuck off with that shit

Twenty Four

It probably just goes to bed? Give it a rest okay?

little munchkin

it definitely sets because it's tired from shining so bright all day, and needs to sleep, but how does it get back to the other side of the sky? there's simply no plausible scientific explanation for it. the idea that the sun can travel that far while sleeping is absurd

Starman Super DX

Science calls it the tide going in, but our oceans are actually slowly evaporating**. Pretty soon there will be literally no ocean left

**Evaporating- The process of water flowing up and into the moon in order to please the maddening lunar beast sealed within. If it's thirst were to quench, then all hope would be lost.


It's not the same sun. A sun is born in the East and dies in the West each day.

Starman Super DX

the the sky and sun are not actually three dimensional objects as we perceive them. They are actually merely flat 2D sprites that are rendered within a skybox


stupid retard idiot fucker - me to science

and with the inverse property applied following schordingers model.....science to me

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gf: wow... isn't the moon beautiful tonight?
me: tell your reptilian overlords i will not be fooled by this decoy sun

El Puerco

Well, the Earth is flat like a duscus or a plate and the Sun revolves around it or us. So the sun just falls behind the plate or beneath like a curtain falling in an opera so to speak. The Sun is then occulted by the plate from the viewers perspective making it appear to vanish. There is a flat earth society page .... somewhere.

little munchkin

read the post I made before. for that to work the sun would have to travel 700+ miles per hour. that's simply not possible. cars can't even go that fast

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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