Are you looking for the right cigarette for fall? We picked our top five and after tallying the reader votes on the web we have compiled them all into our list of winners. These are unforgettable pipes for veteran and newbie puffers.

#5 Marlboro Lights

These timeless pipes are always in style, especially with middle-aged low-income white women. But Marlboro Lights don't want to be pigeonholed. Anyone can enjoy their rich flavor, often described as "woody" or "papery," which is hardly diminished by the "light" formulation. They have a good pull on the filter, a dense, lavender smoke good for tricks, and a shirt linger reminiscent of a 1980s bowling alley. Like so many of you, we had moved on from Marlboro Lights to more advanced cigarettes, but sometimes it's good to remember the classics. As always, go with the soft pack for the full experience.

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