do skeletons have skeletons


no they are a total sum of their parts which consists of the following:



you ever see a skeleton get hit by a boomerang


skeletons like to drink from big jugs with XXX on the side but the liquid just pours through them onto the floor


drinking milk would make them stronger, if only they could find a way


its a shame when a skeleton gets fossilized


they become powerful stone slkeletons, that is why caveman skeletons are so feared

sausage paddy

skeletons are rude in general and enjoy harassing the elderly & school principals.


skeletons like flipping the bird


when a necromancer casts sorcery spells on a skeleton satan forces the ghost back around the skeleton and then the skeleton can move and be really scary at people and do music on his ribs


i'm eating a lot of food to keep my skeleton protected

Twistys Special Day

how do you determine the weight of your skeleton vs the weight of the rest of your body


Weigh yourself, remove everything except the bones, and then weigh yourself again

Twistys Special Day

is this the only way

Thanks again to Paraone and William "ryorininseven" Cook, as well as to FYAD in general. Finally, thanks to moonshine and morocco for the skeleton posts I used as promo text. Hi Ralp.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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