Can you name the members of Snoop Dogg's Rap Posse? If you said "Daz and Kurupt," you would have been wrong for a lot of years, but now the Dogg Pound has reunited so you're right again! Still, even with some of the old pieces back in place, Snoop Dogg must constantly recruit uniquely talented new contributors for his crew in order to stay competitive with the best rap posses of today! WET BUTT had some great ideas; FYAD added a few suggestions. Thanks to neoaxd for the art!


Small t - a really small fully grown man who is climbing around on stuff Honey i shrunk the kids style, and snoop dogg leans in with a magnifying glass and says "what it do small T"

animal drums

Big Teddy - If Snoop is ever about to miss when throwing a piece of trash into the garbage can, Teddy will spike the garbage out of the air in mid-flight and says how it probably would have gone in, allowing Snoop to maintain the benefit of the doubt


Mr Kennedy - old black man in rocking chair who says "stay outta trouble now snoop" before every single show on the entire tour

Trevor Weedheart

Clinton "Euro" Broadus - Snoops cousin, Notable mainly for suggesting Snoop drop the Doggy from his name and handling business with european promoters through a complex system of drawings of droopy dog makign various faces based on his best guesses at Snoops reaction to what he thinks is being said to him


Michael Broadus - snoop's identical twin brother kept on retainer to wear hq aging makeup so snoop can see what he will look like in the future and approach old age with informed readiness & resignation

Trevor Weedheart

Lady Visualize - Powerful Caribbean witch who transformed Snoop into a dog for the whats my name video. Only in the posse due to constant threat that she'll redo the hex if threatened.


One Fat Cat - A massively fat cat who has a bossy attitude, a tough guy disposition, and is the bete noir to snoop dog's dog, Rachel


Giovane Vespucci - incredibly sick rap wunderkind who spits pretty insane itlian flows about life in palermo on the tourbus while snoop looks on head cocked to one side like a confused puppy


Inviso - Invisible entity created by snoop dogg, every time he says "where inviso at" someone has to subtly knock something over in the room, or throw their voice and say "im here snoop," so snoop can say "oh shit haha thats my boy." if anyone messes up and snoop sees them tricking him, they are put in time out for 20 mins, and snoop feels upset.


Cotton Cody Jenkins - severely unhealthy oxycodone addicted teen constantly backstage at shows puking & turning white & going"huhhhg" & snoop always says like "damn Cody u lookin ghostly" or "thats my sleepy man cotton cody there" while refusing to admit him to the hospital/rehab

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