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My mom didn't care for last week's Goldmine. Apparently it was "too mean." Also, she interpreted the bolded SA forums member names as brief summaries of the videos, so she thought there were multiple videos showcasing "An Enormous Boner," which she found "really creepy." So here's a feel-good palate cleanser, another Strangest Fan Art collection in which we're not necessarily insulting anyone, just letting our readers know that, say, Avatar-themed air-bag-fetish fan art exists.* Some of these images were made by cool artists working on commission, others were made by actual deranged fanatics: It's quite delightful and rewarding to determine which is which! Note: If you're interested in tracking down the artists, deviants, and deviantARTists responsible for these drawings, and you don't see a signature or watermark, try clicking and dragging them into Google Images!

Oh Hell No

(okay, that forums name works pretty well as an image description but that's a coincidence and not always the case!)

Chaos Sonic



John Quixote

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The SA Forum Goons just found these things online. They didn't actually create them, or if they did, they certainly didn't take credit for doing so! Regardless, they braved some iffy corners of the Internet to gather these images; leave the scary searching to them and reap the benefits!

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