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Hey, it's Strangest Fan Art, the crowd-pleasing series that mysteriously shows up whenever there's a holiday, music festival and/or college basketball tournament! You see, I'm not at the SA office right now, compiling this article in real time as popularly believed. Instead, I'm at Bumbershoot, yelling "hey Skrillex, do you remember when you met Rich 'Lowtax' Kyanka at the airport? With the bacon? Remember?" until either he acknowledges me or I get escorted out of Seattle Supersonics Arena. Note: If you're interested in tracking down the artists, deviants, and deviantARTists responsible for these drawings, try clicking and dragging them into Google Images!



magic pantaloons

Bongo Bill

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The SA Forum Goons just found these things online. They didn't actually create them, or if they did, they certainly didn't take credit for doing so! Regardless, they braved some iffy corners of the Internet to gather these images; leave the scary searching to them and reap the benefits!

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