Title: Default font for headings/subtitles on imgur.com. Attention-grabbing wording - combines the best elements of upworthy-style platitudinal good feelings and buzzfeed-style inherited nostalgia. "Rocky Horror" properly capitalized. Descriptive enough to let you infer exactly what kind of image this is, so if the image doesn't load, then it doesn't matter.

Photo subjects: Costumes accurate to a serviceable degree, although none of the ghostbusters wore black trousers. Girl's face perhaps betrays the fact she has no idea what ghostbusters is, and was forced into this cruel charade by the man, who could be a relative or stranger. That person in the background has a cowboy hat on, which I'm forced to admit makes me think about cowboys. Good. The colour of the girl's name tag is wrong too and the ghostbusters logo should be on her arm.

Overall rating: Ghostbusters II

Addendum: I make fun but this picture actually did restore my faith in humanity; looks like this is ONE girl who you haven't got your hands on Beiber...

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