Veracity: Yeah, I remember everyone agreeing to all that stuff. We all had a meeting and decided that politicians weren't going to lie anymore and the environment was going to be good from now on. Let's give this an A+.

Watermark: Seriously classy typeface and choice of colour seem to be at odds with the url, but that sort of contrast is at the heart of society anyway. I've come to expect -and even crave- at least this level of preconception-challenging in my meaningless watermarks for dumbass crap.

image/text placement: Not too bad. The text only nearly goes off the edge of the image sometimes. All the images correspond in some form to the accompanying text. It is at worst internally consistent, and in this day and age that's to be lauded.

File type: .jpg [Now THAT'S a motherfucking facepalm(?)]

Jersey Shore as shorthand for cultural decay: that show ended two years ago

OVERALL: Ive already forgotten the pic because I'm wearing jeans that i tore up intentionally and am listening to "urban rappers" instead of getting married at 14 and working in a coal mine or whatever the fuck things were like when they were good. who cares. shit

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– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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