Celebrate Halloween with a monstrous horrorshow. Steve and Zack comb through the First Edition Monster Manual, Monster Manual II and Fiend Folio in search of the most unexpectedly terrifying monsters Dungeons & Dragons has to offer. This special Halloween edition we'd like to mention Ross Payton, from the Role Playing Public Radio podcast, has a really fun zombie book entitled Zombies of the World. It's perfect if your shelf full of zombie books needs another, better zombie book to round things out. Check out the cool illustrations for yourself.

Steve: Oh man I love Halloween and I love monsters.

Zack: I love gray autumn morning, just after daybreak, and you are looking out across the white dunes to the crash of the Atlantic and you watch the squall bands sweeping towards shore and you just stand and wait for them to wash over you. It's like being baptized by nature.

Zack: And I love video games!

Steve: This Halloween we decided to go through the classic D&D monsters of 1st Edition AD&D and pull out monsters we thought were particularly scary.

Zack: We tried to avoid simply picking the toughest monster and focused instead on disturbing monsters.

Steve: And we took turns.

Zack: And Steve was allowed to pick one more than me.

Steve: Because I love Halloween and monsters.

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