Young Jeezy's hit debut album, "Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101," peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard album charts. On one of his songs he raps, "Get it? Jeezy the Snowman / I'm iced out, plus I got that snow, man."

I hate rap.

I love Silent Hill.

Silent Hill 1 was great, Silent Hill 2 was incredible, Silent Hill 3 was above average, Silent Hill 4 was an abomination I can't force myself to play through no matter how hard I try. Still, Silent Hill is by far the greatest franchise of any game ever. God bless you Konami.

Where's Rich Been?

I haven't been writing very much because I've been busy with a whole bunch of miscellaneous crap. I'd love to write more, but I just don't have the time or energy. I remember when I used to get all excited at the prospect of writing. Now I hardly ever feel it. I've lost whatever spark I had years ago, and I no long feel the invisible push to write comedy. I felt it somewhat for today's update, which was odd, but overall it's just lacking and that worries me. How do I get it back? How many more years do I have to wait until it returns? Is it gone forever? I don't know, and I guess we'll find out eventually.

If you don't see any updated by me for a while, now you know why. The joy is simply gone. Blargh.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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