The videogame Spore is extremely ambitious. It attempts to let you create a species and bring their civilization to great things through evolving, intergalactic transport and giving your creatures rude names. Just this past week saw the release of the Spore Creature Creator, a glorified demo that allows the player to mess around with the character creation tool. Check out CTS's take on the best and worst of all things Spore right here. As for the Goldmine, will the title be one of the great success of 2008, like Barbie Adventures: Princess Problem! or will all the hype be for nothing, like the infamously disappointing Dumb Tennis Game With Anime Characters? Nobody really cares right now, because our forum goons have been messing around and creating some outrageous species. We are Something Awful are hoping our sponsors won't realize this is just an excuse to show lots of pictures of alien dicks, so please pretend there is some artistic merit to the following creations.

Atoramos starts things off with a double dose of creature features.

Things are about to get wild when Back_From_Termina's family of turds move in next door!

Here is a Pac Man-like creation from Bagpuss which will forever haunt your nightmares.

Thanks to the internet, I can proudly proclaim that Bareback Rodeo's beast doesn't feature the most surprising use of nipples I've ever seen.

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