I wasn't even going to do one of these today, but...

I wanted to say thanks to Alex "Microwave" May for his artwork. He's one of the three people I'm constantly bugging for work, and he turned my request around so quick my head spun! Here's a picture he drew that didn't make it into the article because I am lazy:

Thanks, Alex!

Movie Reviews

I don't do movie reviews anymore. Gotcha, sucker! You can always check out one of our two new guys, jc dracula, if you want, though. His review of "Cobra" is right here, and it's really funny to boot!

Pregame Wrapup

I always welcome questions and comments for Pregame Wrapup. A lot of questions even make it into the update! If you want me to answer your question with "hahaha Ron Artest is crazy" or "hahaha Daunte Culpepper is a rapist", shoot me an email!

– Evan "Pantsfish" Wade

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