Don't Worry, The Horses Made It Out Alive


Official Explanation Regarding What The Hell You Just Saw

After finding a reason to post horse skeletons, the aim of this article was to try and make an itty bitty point about that brand of spineless, pussy-style, passive-agressive behavior that seems to be the norm nowadays. Maybe it's just the people I tend to hang around with, but every once in a while someone will tell about how they have a problem with another person and the story almost always goes something like, "The guy who lives above me is such a jerk, he plays his loud shitty music all the time and every night he cooks some nasty-ass seafood or something that smells up the entire block and he scraped his car up against mine for the fifth time today and I can't stand his facial hair SO I WROTE AN ANONYMOUS NOTE AND LEFT IT ON HIS DOOR!!" Oh yeah, that'll show 'em. Pretty much the only thing it'll show 'em is that the single person he's upsetting is someone too timid to ever say anything to his face about it. If your roommate, sibling, neighbor, or whoever is doing some little thing that drives you nuts, talk to them! You'll live through it. I used to watch a lot of the Discovery Channel, and they'd show how lions and other animals got along, and when two of them had a problem they solved that shit by fronting on each other. I'm not saying go get up in some dude's face, but I think our human brains do respond better to talking face-to-face than to reading some drunken chickenscratch note left under a wiper blade.

A Very Good Smiley

This smiley is very good for every occasion. It's called MAD MAX and I found it browsing some French smiley repository website a couple weeks ago. I like it a lot and I hope you do too.

– Johnny "Doc Evil" Titanium (@fart)

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