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Steve and Zack hop in the time machine bound for 1945 for some Cthulhu investigating courtesy of Modiphius's weird war 2 setting Acthung! Cthulhu. Intrepid Allied heroes do battle against multiple Nazi secret organizations using mythos technology and cosmic horrors in a desperate bid to save the Reich from defeat.

Zack: Acthung! Cthulhu attempts to answer the question everybody was asking, "What could be more horrifying than the Holocaust?"

Steve: A tentacle wearing a Nazi uniform.

Zack: Apparently he was awarded the Iron Cross for bravery. Opened a jar to get a snack under intense fire.

Zack: Though to be fair to Modiphius, weird WW2 is not exactly sacrilige at this point, it's just a bit surprising the relish with which they delve into the ugliest parts of the Nazi war machine to mine for game material.

Steve: Yeah, like I mean, who would put a bunch of weird Nazi stuff into a book for entertainment purposes.

Zack: My Tank is Fight! was not entertaining.

Steve: I think acting like Cthulhu is down with the Holocaust is totally unfair to Cthulhu too.

Zack: How do you figure?

Steve: Well, you know how like Dr. Doom cried after 9/11 and like GI Joe and Cobra would team up to fight drugs or whatever?

Zack: Some things are beyond the petty conflicts of mass-murderers like Dr. Doom.

Steve: Yeah. Like Mass murder by somebody else. Or apparently cocaine. The point is, the Holocaust is one of those things you would think even Cthulhu would be like, "Nope, this is too much. I hereby join forces with the humans to battle Nazis."

Zack: I seem to recall the White Wolf game Wraith had a bunch of Holocaust stuff in it, but they went straight at it and made it something the players might think about seriously.

Steve: They also did this with Gypsies.

Zack: And werewolf sheriffs in the Wild West. But we're going AWOL on this, let's get back to the topic.

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