Zack: Shortly after nightfall you spot a tiny village with a tavern.

Steve: Finally, my natural habitat. Pull us over and go inside.

Zack: Walt finds someone to try to negotiate with for gas for the jeep. Betty goes inside with Gags in tow. It's exactly like one of those scenes in a Western, only imagine polka music instead of a piano and most of the people look like ruddy-faced farmers in lederhosen and drindl dresses.

Steve: Are those the Oktoberfest outfits?

Zack: Yeah.

Steve: Nice. Checking out the hooters.

Zack: You're playing as a woman.

Steve: Sizing up the competition.

Zack: Does Betty speak German?

Steve: Yeah.

Zack: A stocky man stumbles over, obviously drunk, and he jabs a finger at Betty and Gags. "Yoouuu don't belong here," he says in German. "You're going to make trouble for us and we don't need--"

Zack: He gets interrupted by his companions who pull him outside.

Steve: Betty is like, "Yeah, real welcoming people you Austrians. We save you from the Nazis and this is the thanks we get??"

Zack: Most of the other patrons get up angrily and shuffle out of the tavern.

Steve: "Whatever. I didn't join the code breakers to make friends. Well, actually I did, but that was in England, not here. And I did make friends. A LOT OF THEM!"

Zack: A man comes out from the back of the tavern and apologizes for the rudeness of his customers. "These have been hard years, and we don't have much to offer, but I will gladly give you some soup and beer and a place to stay."

Steve: Not really a soup person, but I'm guessing he doesn't have hoagies so that will have to do.

Zack: Walt joins you and the tavern keeper brings out beers and some stale bred and bowls of soup.

Steve: "My compliments to the blech!"

Steve: A little Mad Magazine humor for you.

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