Steve: I'm guessing this guy constantly slides on his knees while wailing on a guitar.

Zack: Tonight only: Nick Fontana and The Too Many Shirts.

Zack: Cover charge is a shirt or vest.

Steve: I'm guessing they play like classic heavy metal music, but to try to stay cool they added in some dupstep crap and drops everywhere.

Zack: Ah, the old Muse technique. Nah. I'm thinking more of an alt country band with a teenage goth girl as a singer and every song includes birds as metaphors for her virginity.

Steve: Alright. I got it. Skater hip-hop and all of their songs are about video games.

Zack: Wyld Stallyns joke band that formed for a Youtube video and ended up getting ten million views for their air-guitar cover of Thunderstruck.

Steve: It's really a cry for help, dude. Whatever his band is, Nick Fontana desperately needs more shirts.

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