Steve: Sometimes being a gamer we overlook the world around us for the worlds of our imagination. But if you are looking for a great, classy way to illuminate your abode you can't go wrong with this red dragon and Celtic cross candle holder.

Zack: There are five different things I want to talk about with what you just said and I don't know where to start. Abode. ABODE!

Zack: Never buy this.

Steve: What? You can't slam my fresh style like that. This is supposed to be helping people with some wicked votive holders.

Zack: Alright, if you want to say 'hey, I believe in God but also the power of dragons' then here you go. Light a votive under this bad boy.

Steve: Now you're talking. You know, I could have picked the sexy angel tied to the candle holder like you're melting wax all over her.

Zack: Nothing classes up a gameroom quite like suggested violence against women.

Steve: God created angels, and technically they have no gender, although I think in the bible they are all referred to as He.

Zack: I'm not touching that. I learned my lesson from Penny Arcade even if Penny Arcade is unable to learn the lesson.

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