Steve's Stupidest #1

Josh the Kwarla

From Rifts Worldbook 19 Australia

Zack: Of course they make koalas a playable race.

Steve: Not koala, Kwarla. Josh is a member of a demon-hunting race of bipedal bears that scorn human society.

Steve: He is a magical MDC creature that can glow green and soak up triple damage and wield claws as big as short swords.

Zack: Just like koalas.

Steve: He can also drive a motorcycle and use energy pistols.

Zack: You're giving me the hard facts. Give me some of the background on Josh.

Steve: Born to a mother that was killed by a demon, he crusades across the Outback in search of all demons he can find. He does not trust or like humans, but he is not above helping them, particularly if a demon is threatening them.

Zack: So pretty standard koala origina story and behavior.

Steve: He also wears sunglasses.

Zack: This changes everything. Are they MDC sunglasses? Do they have a hit location?

Steve: Just sunglasses.

Zack: They're not even from another dimension?

Steve: I mean, yeah, naturally. This is Rifts we're talking about.

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